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How To Fix Lines On Screen And The Screen Going Blank In Toshiba Laptop?

 Posted by toshiba Support on July 28, 2018

The black screen on a Toshiba laptop also called the screen of death in casual terms can be repaired in a fairly simple way. You only need to follow the steps given underneath. If this doesn’t solve your problem then the issue on your Toshiba might be serious! You will then have to reach for an expert help to get it fixed.

Boot up your system by following the below steps:

  • Switch off your laptop by pressing the switch button and holding it.
  • Now remove the power adapter and all the external devices from it and remove the battery aster flipping it.
  • Press the power button again for nearly 60 seconds.
  • Place the battery back into it and now plug in the power adapter again.
  • The display should now return, if it doesn’t then try out the following:
Toshiba Technical Support

Connect External Monitor explained by Toshiba Support

  • If you have an external monitor then plug in to it and then check that the screen is working or not. If it doesn’t then there is issue with the hardware.
  • Reboot it into a safe mode.
  • Click on the Start menu and select All programs from the list of options.
  • Go to system tools and then open System restore.
  • Choose a date for restoring before the problem started with your laptop and then reboot.
  • The display should now come back. Do not forget to install an antivirus and scan your full computer.

You can also try to reset your computer to factory settings by pressing the F8 key while it boots up and then select safe mode from the options. If all the above stuff listed doesn’t work out for you then you can always reach for expert help on Toshiba Customer Support Helpline Number +1800-958-211 . Our helpline number is active day and night to offer you round the clock service and you will be attended by our experts to solve the matter easily and speedily.

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